Machine Guarding Safety Training

OSHA Safety Regulations for Industrial Machinery

OSHA Training -- Machine Safeguarding

Our most popular training course - more than 98% of participants highly recommended it. A complete course covering all aspects of machine safety guarding, according to OSHA regulations.

This in-depth training course includes such topics as machine guarding, OSHA Regulations, ANSI Standards, Machinery Risk Assessments, lockout / tagout, safety warning labels, interlocks, and E-stops.

The training seminar will cover the OSHA and ANSI requirements to properly safeguard machines and equipment – focused specifically on the applicable US regulations for machinery.These are the regulations that you MUST follow in the United States.

Upon completion of this seminar, participants should have a significantly improved understanding of the OSHA, ANSI, and ISO regulations and standards that apply to the type of machines and equipment. In addition, participants should be able to identify different hazards during the risk assessment process, and understand the implementation of risk assessment per ANSI standards.

The objectives for the seminar is:
  • to learn the OSHA requirements for machines and equipment, including
  • machines guarding
  • PPE
  • machine noise
  • warning labels
  • lockout/tagout
  • emergency stops
  • interlocks
  • light curtains
  • to learn the ANSI standards for Machine Safeguarding, for the above topics
  • to train or refresh the participants on equipment Hazard and Risk Assessment

  • OSHA Regulations for Machine Safety

    OSHA Regulations form the framework for Manufacturing Safety within the United States:
  • Subpart O - Machinery and Machine Guarding.
  • Subpart I - Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Subpart S - Electrical equipment and electrical hazards.
  • Section 147 -Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
  • Section 146 - Permit Required Confined Spaces
  • Section 145 - Specification for Accident Prevention Sign & Tags

  • ANSI Standards for Machine Safeguarding

    For Manufacturers and OEMs, the following ANSI standards are the most relevant and important:

  • ANSI B11.0 (2010) - Safety of Machinery – General Requirements and Risk Assessment
  • ANSI B11.19 (2010) - Performance Standard for Safeguarding
  • ANSI Z535.4 (2011)  - Product Safety Signs and Labels
  • ANSI Z535.6 (2011) - Product Safety Information in Product Manuals

  • The Head Trainer

    William S. Howard

    William S. Howard is a specialist in the design of machinery and equipment. He is an OSHA expert in machine safeguarding. He has personally designed hundreds of machines -- over $100 million in total value -- which are currently operating across the USA and around the world, in over 30 countries.

    Please feel free to call me with questions at: Or email me at:
    Please note that because I travel frequently, I am often unable to pick up phone calls. But if you leave a message, I'll call you back within 24 hours. And I'll always respond to emails.

    Schedule a Class

    To schedule a training class, to find out more information, or for any other inquiries, please contact Susan Kenney, Marketing Director, at:


    Why We are Unique

  • We specialize exclusively in manufacturing safety - training geared to manufacturers.
  • We offer only advanced, high level training.
  • Our training is individually tailored, customized to your machines.
  • We can add any personalized training desired by the customer.
  • We teach on-site at your facility, or at our headquarters in Atlanta.
  • Training is provided in all 50 states across the USA.
  • Taught by a machine safety expert - an actual accredited expert in the area of machine safety.
  • All participants earn a completion safety certificate.

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    William Stamps Howard
    Contact me directly at:
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